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xapp rottweiler stud service

Xapp von der Rheinfare

(Danjo von der Tonberger Hohe X Harmony aus dem)

CRITIQUE: Judge: Mick Svaljeck, FCI Australia,  April 28, 2014. Medium size, medium substance, very good breed type, alert, very good attitude, medium strong male head, very pleasing expression, could have more breath of skull, small high set ears placed correctly, very good stop, beautiful dark brown eyes, sufficient fill of eye, short strong broad deep muzzle, strong underjaw, elcellent gum and lip pigmentation, good chest proportion, well muscled shoulder, well sprung pasturn, correct shape, compact feet, well arched toes, well strong muscled neck, slight loose skin on throat, very good topline, slightly rounded croup, well set and carried tail, good underline some what tucked up, stands correct in rear, toeing out in the front, correct coat in excellent condition, rich tan markings, well set clearly defined throughout, slightly overdone just below the throat, energetic unrestricted movement, full of energy, moves correct in rear, loose elbows in the front, holds firm topline, very good reach in drive.


Able von der Siegbach

(Achilles vom Bochrahmer X Nanni vom hause Neubrand)

CRITIQUE: Olivia Aguilar de Arozamena - Type, markings, color, and size are very correct. Dark eyes, head is correct, ears are correct. Bite, teeth perfect, mouth dark with little pink spot. Front is correct. Topline and back quarters are correct, tail is correct. Movement is correct, pasterns correct, toes little long, angulation correct.




Earl von der Bethel

(Hakim vom hause Enzian X Anja vom Veisselfenbein)

CRITIQUE: Carsten Henriksen - Middle sized, slim, very well built with good strength of bone, really good middle sized male head, good broad skull, high set well worn smalll ears, good expression, middle brown eyes, good muzzel, strong well muscled neck, sufficient for chest, strong short top line with good wither, good bottom line, sufficient depth of chest, middle strength of bone, well set and well angulated in front, well set and sufficiently angulated in back, rather active, very well fluid movement with correct length of step, nearly steady ack, very good middle length of fur, very warm colors, docked tail.


Earl's owner would like to thank Joseph and Josephine Weber for importing beautiful dogs, to create a beautiful dog such as Earl. Earl has extremely similar characteristics as Graf von der Teufelsbrucke.

Anja is a Graf von der Teufelsbrucke daughter

Balou von den Grundwiesen

(Lacky von der Sudpfalz X Quendy von der Blockhutte)

CRITIQUE: Judge: Mick Svaljeck, FCI Australia, September 16, 2012. 11 and a half months old, medium to large, very good breed type, sufficient bone for size, very good substance, very good height to length ratio, excellent expression, ears need to be closer to cheek, excellent gum and mouth pigment, excellent chest proportions, pronounced fore chest, excellent stop, strong underjaw, very good topline, correct croup, correct set and carried tail, very good underline, very good bottom line, very good front and rear angulations, excellent coat condition, medium to rich tan markings, well set and clearly defined throughout, energetic unrestricted movement, rolling topline, slightly soft in back, excellent breed type.


Semen Anaylsis

we are a Rottweiler breeder located in Nashville Tennessee. We breed to the top Rottweiler stud dogs available. Some Rottweiler stud males are offered in various states and countries. The Rottweiler males are proven producers of excellent Rottweiler pups. We recommend other breeders for Rottweiler stud services. Please contact us, Von Der Musikstadt Rottweilers for some stud rottweiler references. We have a few good references. The Rottweiler males we suggest are listed below. Our Rottweiler stud dog service is by contract. Our personal Rottweiler for stud is Able von der Siegbach. Below are also other top Rottweiler stud dogs that are not from our Rottweiler kennel.