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Rottweiler Puppies For Sale in Tennessee


Our Rottweiler dogs and Rottweiler puppies are AKC registered.

Deposit is 250.00 hold a spot for a puppy.

Deposits are NonrefundableContract HERE.
If you see the STATE NAME, this means we Received a deposit on this litter.
If there is not a puppy available from this litter please check out our Planned Breeding for 2017.
Check out our direct import litters from Europe.


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Our dogs have serious bloodlines

so we expect our buyers to be serious.

Import Rottweiler puppies available
Deposit 250.00 (non-refundable)

Male Rottweiler Puppies  2000.00

Female Rottweiler Puppies  2000.00


Puppies Born April 13, 2017

1 female deposit left

AKC registered litter # WS567677

250.00 Deposit

2000.00 Total including Deposit

Rottweiler female breeding

Ajax von haus Drazic

KSS JR 730221RW

V1 J.Ch. Serbia


Nicky Ar Predim Line

JR 726807 Rw

Multi V Rated

HD frei  ED +


1st Pick - Tennessee

2nd Pick - Tennessee

3rd Pick - Tennessee

4th Pick - Pennsylvaina


1st Pick - Tennessee

2nd Pick - Wisconsin

3rd Pick - Missouri

4th Pick - Available

Rottweiler female breeding

Puppies due June 10th

Taking Deposits 250.00

2000.00 Including deposit

Mambo is not owned by us. He was only studed to our female

Rottweiler female breeding

Mambo of Royal Kinder Rott


DNA AKC on file

HD frei  ED frei

Baracuda Rott house Covic

JR 727877 Rw

Youth Champion



1st Pick - Florida

2nd Pick - Ohio

3rd Pick - Available

4th Pick - Available


1st Pick - Tennessee

2nd Pick - Tennessee

3rd Pick - Available

4th Pick - Available

Rottweiler female breeding

Welcome to our Litters page. You will find our Rottweiler puppies have exceptional bloodines from beautiful parents listed above. Our Rottweiler puppies for sale are different prices depending if we have a pet or show quality puppy. Some of our Rottweilers for sale go to working homes for Schutzhund and herding, but also make great pets because we focus on great temperaments. We do occasionally list other breeders Rottweiler pups, but we make sure the puppies have the same qualities we would expect from ours. When our puppies start to open their eyes we will post pictures of each Rottweiler puppy as they grow each week. Each puppy Rottweiler will have a color ribon around the nect to identify and watch thier growth and temperament. We reciently started a Puppy Diary and track the progress. We also have a Planned Breeding page.

Rottweiler puppy with little girl