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Rottweiler Puppies in Tennessee

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Welcome to von der Musikstadt German Rottweiler kennel.                                      

Rottweiler Breeders in Tennessee

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We are a code of ethics German Rottweiler breeder who stand by our health guarantees. We strive to follow the FCI standard exactly as is done by the ADRK in Germany, INCLUDING WE DO NOT DOCK TAILS ANY LONGER. All our Rottweiler dogs owned by Von Der Musikstadt have certified hips by Radkovic at 12 months, ADRK at 16 months old, or certifies the hips through Novak in Serbia. Our Rottweiler dogs have the tests offered by OFA for our breed. See our testimonial page to view satisfied responses from our buyers; we also have several references from other buyers whom you may contact before you buy a Rottweiler puppy. Most of my buyers have seen my kennels and personally pet my dogs. We now microchip for $40.00. That is microchip and registration fee included.

Ajax von haus Drazic has the wow factor at 10 months old. Ajax is our Rottweiler stud male for our breeding program in late 2016/2017 year. He is currently in Seria with his reeder and handler Dusko Sreckovic. He is everything we wanted in a male for size, bone thickness, structure, and most important temperament. His genes produce dog that posses strong prey and ball drive for schutzhund, focus for conformation, alert protective instincts, and forward confidence.

The sire is Champion '16 Dzomba von haus Drazic, an exceptional example of the R
ottweiler breed for large top skull and wide head and muzzle proportions. Dzomba is one of Europes top producing dogs now in 2016.

Another dog we co-own with Dusko is Vana von der Blaunen Welle. This Rottweiler female is on fire! Every show has heads turned with her winning show after show in the female champion class.

The Rottweilers we own all come from top world champions and famous kennels in Germany and Serbian / European kennels. Thanks to our friend in Serbia, Dusko, I want to give a unlimited amount of reconition for being a honest, hard working breeder and handler. He has shown and proved to not only me but to several breeders here in the USA for sending top dogs for us to show. He completely understands that we must have great temperament dogs here for companions.

Rottweiler puppy in Tennessee

Rottweiler female in tennessee
Baracuda Rott House Covic (PICTURE LEFT), our RottweilerRottweiler puppy in Tennessee female, has already received multi V1 Rating and Youth Serbian Champion.

Baracuda attended the 2015 German world show and recieved 2x V rating out of 46 Rottweiler females in her class. We will be showing her this upcoming 2016 season.

Check out Baracuda's puppies at 5 weeks old.

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Rosann Bentley
Rottweiler Breeder & Dog Handler
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