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superior bloodlines

Deuel vom hause Harless  - German Rottweiler stud

German ADRK bloodline

rottweiler male in Texas

(Lenz von den hassberghöhen X Bonita vom Wilden Westen)

IABCA International Champion

UKC Best male puppy and pointed

AIRK V4 Nationals

ADRK HD frei (OFA Excellent)  ED +

DNA V718623

Deuel was born here in the USA, but the bloodline is 100% German. Female Rottweiler ADRK Ch. Bonita vom Wilden Westen was owned by the famous kennel Earl Antonius in Europe. Bonita was purchased and bred to famous Ch. Lenz von den Hassberghohen. Lenz was the 2010 Auslandsieger and recieved his Gekort in 2013. Deuel became a phenomenal dog from this pairing. He is a expressive dog and excellent example of a Rottweiler puppy. The photograph is Deuel at 12 months old. We will have his hips certified through ADRK at 15 months old.


Balou von den Grundwiesen - Rottweiler stud dog

German ADRK male

co-owner T. Young

(Lacky von der Sudpfalz X Quendy von der Blockhutte)

DNA V699637

Our German Rottweiler male, Balou von den Grundwiesen, has a strong bloodline to produce large boned Rottweiler puppies. Balou has excellent conformation, temperament, and bone size. His bloodline has traits to pass the large bone, head size, and structure to the male rottweiler puppies.


Each litter usually has 2 show quality Rottweiler males and 2 show quality Rottweiler females. The other puppies are sold as pets. Some puppies may have a little longer back, or slight smaller head. This does not mean the pet puppies may be smaller in compairison to the show quality puppies when they become older. It means at the time of picking the show puppy, was conformationally correct for showing, and the pet puppies often become bigger in size, head, and bone later in life. It is very important to feed your dog a excellent diet for your Rottweiler to grow correctly. A proper balance of protien, calicum, minerals and vitamins will help the process of bone growth increase.

We offer a Rottweiler stud service by either live breeding, frozen semen, or fresh semen. It is our duty as Rottweiler breeders to offer the best Rottweiler stud dog, to correct and help your Rottweiler puppies that you produce, therefore we only breed to Rottweiler females of merit. The Rottweiler females must not have any disqualifying hereditary faults. As Rottweiler breeders we do understand that no dog is perfect, so we do offer a Rottweiler stud service to females that correct conformation. Please check out our Rottweiler stud dog Xapp and Able. We know other Rottweiler stud dogs available from other kennels in the United States and other countries. Read our Rottweiler stud service contract.