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Rottweiler Females

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Busa vom hause Harless - Female Rottweiler

short for Bohuslav "God's Glory"

(Tito Earl Antonius X Bonita vom Wilden Westen)

IABCA International Champion

UKC Champion  Best of Breed

VP, V2 (youth)


ADRK HD frei / ED ++

DNA V709114 

Busa was born here in the USA. Female Rottweiler Ch. Bonita vom Wilden Westen was owned by the famous kennel Earl Antonius in Europe. Bonita was purchased and bred to famous Ch. Tito Earl Antonius before she was imported to USA. I believe the vom hause Harless owns one of the nicest female Rottweilers in America, and now I am pleased to announce we have a duplicate of Bonita name Busa. The picture to the left is busa at the age of 14 months old.

Tammy von Sederhaus

"Perfect one"

co-owned with M & L Penrod

rottweiler female dog

(Osko vom Bullenfeld X Bjanka vom Bullenfeld)


DNA V727508

V3 Rated

Tammy von Sederhaus is a beautiful female with a large masculine head, but with feminine features. We got Tammy from the von sederhaus kennel in North Carolina. Tammy has a great temperament and loves children. Tammy loves to jump and play like a little puppy, hopping all over the place. I love to watch her gait around because it looks like she is gliding on ice.

The main traits in a Rottweiler puppy come from the Rottweiler female dog. Our Rottweiler females are from 100% German bloodlines. As Rottweiler breeders, we only choose females with large block heads, robust chests, excellent conformation, and sound temperments. Our Rottweiler females produce exceptional Rottweiler puppies for pet or show homes. Female Rottweilers that produce quality puppies need a little longer loin, and wide spring of rib to fit the puppies. Rottweiler females are allowed to have 15% longer loin. The more room the better to fit the growing Rottweiler pups. Our Rottweiler females must be stable, with very high confidence, good conformation, and high prey and ball drive. Each Rottweiler female in our kennel was selectively picked from thier litter for these traits. As a Rottweiler breeder, we try to choose the best Rottweiler puppy for our foundation kennel building dogs. The German Rottweiler for sale we offer have repeatedly proven to be smart, loveable, show stopping Rottweiler puppies. Occasionally we have a female Rottweiler for sale that may return to our kennel because the owner cannot keep the dog.