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Rottweiler Breeders in Tennessee

Our Rottweiler kennels in Nashville, Tennessee


Call and come pet and hug our Rottweilers or just read our testimonal page.


VDM Rottweiler breeder kennels resides in Whites Creek Tennessee, just outside of Nashville. Our Rottweiler kennel is only 15 minuets from Opryland Hotel on Briley Parkway in Nashville. We are a small kennel. We only have 5 kennels total, and one is occupied buy our pet Radar. The other three Rottweiler kennels are occupied by our Rottweiler stud male Balou von den Grundwiesen, adult female Rayka Von Der Steinbrucke, and youth Busa vom hause Harless.

We have a new home on 3 acres of land. We are surrounded by several hundred trees that protect our dogs from the sun and stop hard rain or hail during the tornado season. At the very bottom of the hill connected to our land is a lake. The lake brings a strong cool breeze up the valley during the summer to keep our dogs from getting hot. Our kennels are usually 10 - 15 degrees cooler because of the breeze from the lake.

Our Rottweiler kennels are on a raised wooden platform. The wood floor is covered with a special kennel sealer and bonder to resist urine, feces, and odors. It is very easy to clean. We scrub our kennel floors with product called Top Performance 256. It can be purchased online at It is a cleaner, disinfectant, and deodorizer. It kills everything (including parvo and mold). Note: Bleach does not kill mold, it hides the spores. Our Rottweilers fence is not chain link. We have the 12 gauge steel welded magnum kennels. These kennels prevent dogs feet from getting stuck, and the dogs cannot rip apart the kennel to escape. The kennels can be purchased by tractor supply. The roof is double, side, painted, so it does not rust.  roof stays cool even if the sun bakes it, and our dogs are very happy when it is raining out, because they are dry and still playing.

Our dogs have two water buckets attached to the kennel. The summers are hot here and the Rottweilers need lots of water. Each dog has a Boomerball toy. It is the best toy in the world to keep your dog occupied. I buy my Boomerballs at Your dog will we OBSESSED with this ball! Another toy I suggest is a Jollyball. This ball can deflate and inflate so it does not pop. The dogs do need to be supervised when having this ball, because they will rip it apart and could eat the rubber. The cheapest place I have found to purchase this Jollyball is Tractor Supply.

Rottweiler kennels

Rottweiler kennels in summer
Rottweiler kennels in summer
Rottweiler kennels in summer

Construction of the Rottweiler kennels

Rottweiler kennels in spring new epoxy floors
Rottweiler kennels in spring new epoxy floor

And.... of course they get dirty one hour later!

Rottweiler kennels and Rottweiler puppy
Rottweiler kennels in spring

Our House

von der musikstadt house

von der musikstadt house

rottweiler kennel in tennessee

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