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Rottweiler Breeders in Tennessee

Rottweilers for sale from Serbia & other European countries


If you want a direct import Rottweiler contact us.

We can import dogs from other countries but the federal USDA guidlines have changed. A breeder cannot import legally a puppy under 6 months old for Resale. All dogs imported for RESALE over 6 months must have a USDA permit, this does not cost much. If the dog is purchased as your own personal pet you DO NOT need a permit but you cannot resell the dog. Bitches cannot be pregnant coming into USA. Must have a customs broker.

We accept Checks for deposit only


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Planned breeding for 2021

Deposit $250.00

Puppies 3500.00

Ausar vom kressbach

Ausar vom Kressbach

ADRK 127064


HD frei  ED frei

Kona vom hause Edelstein


Multi V1 + BOB

HD A  ED 0


1st Pick - Our Kennel

2nd Pick - Oregon

3rd Pick - Available

4th Pick - Available


1st Pick - Our Kennel

2nd Pick - Our Kennel

3rd Pick - Georgia

4th Pick - Available

kona vom hause edelstein