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Rottweiler - HFH - Footpad Hyperkeratosis


footpad hyperkeratosis
footpad hyperkeratosis

Rottweiler bloodlines can carry hereditary Foot Pad Hyperkeratosis

You can test for this disease at . If is preventable if the breeder tests for it

Canine hyperkeratosis is a skin condition that causes thickened or extra skin growth on a dog's nose or paw pads. Without treatment, the skin sometimes cracks, which can lead to secondary infections


There’s no cure for what’s know as hereditary footpad hyperkeratosis, an immune system disorder. This genetic condition is more common in certain breeds than others.


Older dogs are at a higher risk of hyperkeratosis.

Canine Distemper. Vaccinate your dog as a puppy to prevent this disease. (non hereditary)

Hyperkeratosis can make it very painful for your dog to walk or stand. heck your dog’s paws for extra hardened skin, especially if you have a breed prone to the condition.