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Hygroma and Rottweilers


Hygroma is not relate to bone cancer.

hygroma on a rottweiler dog

hygroma or false bursa canine dog rottweiler
hygroma on a rottweiler dog

Hygroma in Rottweilers

A easy way to understand Hygroma is if you repeatedly banged your elbow or shin and fluid and swelling builds up in the same spot. The same for dogs is they must lay down and the first place that bangs around is the Rottweiler elbows. Hygroma is very common is large breed dogs because rhe dog is heavy and plops down on a hard surface.

Hygroma is also known as a false Bursa. A bursa reduces the friction between moving parts, such as muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Long standing hygroma can cause severe inflammation, an ulceration, infection, and fistulas may be present.