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Rottweiler puppies with Cleft Palate


Questions and answers for a puppy with a Cleft Palate

Cleft Palate is heriditary and it required 2 parents with the gene to produce a affected puppy.

There is a test to see if your dogs carry the gene

cleft palate rottweiler puppy

Can purebred Rottweilers have cleft Palate?


Can the puppies breath?


Can the puppies suckle a nipple or bottle?


Are these puppies normally euthanized?


Will a newborn puppy starve to death if unnoticed ?


Can you breed a Rottweiler with a cleft Palate?


can surgury fix this problem?



Do purebred Rottweilers have white spots?

cleft palate puppy
puppy cleft palate

Rottweiler puppies can occasionally get a cleft palate.

A cleft palate is a opening in the roof of the mouth that connects the nasal cavity and the mouth. When this happens the newborn puppy cannot get suction. The hole in the roof of the mouth can vary in size. Surgery can be done later but the puppy must be tube fed every 3-4 hours.

The cleft palate is a gene that can be passed down in bloodlines. This means it is heriditary but cannot be known where the trait originated unless you have the same problem either from the same male stud with different females and the trait is in each litter or the same female with different studs and the trait still comes out.

First signs of a cleft palate

  • Puppy cannot latch on to the mothers nipple and only mouths the nipple
  • Tongue is curled like a taco and slides into the hole
  • Puppy lossing weight
  • Puppy always crying because it is hungry

Average cost of surgery is $1200 - $2300.00