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Brucellosis in Dogs


 Brucellosis is the most serious Bacterial infection in Dogs, with NO cure. It CAN be transmitted to humans!!!!

written by: Rosann Bentley

If you are a breeder and care about your dogs then every female MUST have a brucellosis test within 30 days of each breeding. There should be NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!

Brucellosis is commonly transmitted to other dogs by direct contact with infected animals or with an area that has been contaminated with the discharges from infected animals. Dog salavia, fecus and urine all contaminate an area. The dog can inhale by sniffing the urine or fetal membranes, through the eyes, or licking the infected discharges.

There is NO cure for brucellosis, repeated attempts have been tried and all have failed.

When a dog is exposed the incubation period is variable from 2 weeks to 1 year and even longer in some cases.

It requires 3 weeks to be evident in the bloodstream, it then moves to the urinary tract where it can periodically or continuously feed the bloodstream.

Usually abortion is the first sign during pregnancy between the 45th and 59th day and then normally the minimum incubation period is 30 days. Some infected animals may never abort and generally infected dogs that do not abort may NOT SHOW A POSITIVE TEST for several months to 1 year. Up to 60% are false positives.

Symptoms vary depending on immune health and short term / long term infection.

Symptoms in female dogs

  1. Abortion in the third trimester
  2. Stillbirths
  3. Conception failure
  4. Litter reabsorations
  5. Swelling of lymph nodes
  6. Deep eye inflamation ( Uveitis)
  7. Swelling of speen and liver can occur
  8. Protein loss

Symptoms in male dogs

  1. Inflamation of the prostate gland
  2. Inflamation of the epididymis ( testicular tube where sperm is stored )
  3. Inflamation of the sheath covering the testis
  4. Licking the scrotum and scrotal irritation
  5. Unwillingness to walk
  6. Infertility
  7. Pain and fever
  8. Deep eye inflamation ( Uveitis)
  9. Swelling of lymph nodes
  10. Swelling of spleen or liver can occur
  11. Protein loss



Unfortunatly if your dog gets brucellosis then the dog cannot interact with any other dogs or animals. The dog must be quaranteened to its home because it is so contageous. If you cannot quaranteen your dog, or you are irresponsible and allow your dog to roam, then you should put the dog to sleep. This infectious bacteria infection can be transmitted to humans and death can occure. It is not worth risking another animal or human if you cannot contain your dog.

I do not recommend ANY dog parks, because a lot of irresponsibe people go there and dont give there shots ontime. Instead i would go on nature walks where there are not hundreds of dogs in a short period of time. Do not let your dog sniff other dogs butts or noses. Do not let your dog sniff other dogs poop or pee marked areas!