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ADRK Klubsieger V1




KINCSEM-CUP MÁRK winner 2011

ADRK Vice Bayernyugendsiegerin 2011

ADRK Südpfalzschau V1


Owned by Terry Tiller -  vom hause Harless

All the bloodlines we have date back to the first Rottweilers from Germany around 1907 - 1914

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bonita von wilden westen rottweiler female
bonita von wilden westen rottweiler female

bonita von wilden westen rottweiler female hd/ed
bonita von wilden westen rottweiler female

11.09.2010. CAC Smederevo Dusan Travnikar (Slo) Youth class 9-18 V2
18.09.2010. 2.ARKS KS Serbia-Kragujevac ADRK Edgar Hellmann Youth class 12-18 V4
09.04.2011. KINCSEM-CUP MÁRK ADRK Frank Hedtke Open class >15 months V1, CAC, Kincsem Cup Winner THE BEST FEMALE AT SHOW
16.04.2011. CAC Kikinda N.Nedeljkovic Open class >15 months V1, CAC
24.04.2011. Bayernsiegerschau ADRK Uwe Petermann Intermedium class 15-24 m. V1; Res.CAC-Anw.Dt.Ch.(VDH) Vice Bayernyugendsiegerin 2011
15.05.2011. 22.Südpfalzschau ADRK Werner Walter Intermedium class 15-24 m. V1
19.06.2011. 30. BADENSCHAU ADRK Frank Hedtke Intermedium class 15-24 m. V2
02.08.2011. Belgium Club Show Mick Svaljek (Australia) Open class >15 months V2
06.08.2011. Bördelandschau-Klein Germersleben ADRK H.-J.Radtke Open class >15 months V2
07.08.2011. Frankenschau-Röthenbachtal ADRK H.Weiler Open class >15 months V1
20.08.2011. ADRK Klubsieger Eschweiler-Dürwiß ADRK Paul-Dieter Viehoff Intermedium class 15-24 m. V1, Anw. Dt. CH (VDH)+ AUSLANDJUGENDSIEGERIN, 2011 THE BEST FOREIGN YOUNG FEMALE
18.09.2011. CACIB B.Topola G.Tibor Open class >15 months V1, R.CACIB
15.10.2011. VDH Bundessieger Dortmund ADRK A.Spindler Open class >15 months V1; R.CACIB +VICE BUNDESSIEGERIN 2011

onita is my favorite female of all time! This Rottweiler female is not owned by Our Rottweiler kennel. She was a ADRK Rottweiler female that was imported to USA in 2013. Before Bonita was imported she was bred to Tito Earl Antonius and poroduced a litter in Europe. Earl Antonius owns a eautiful female from that litter named Gerila Earl Antonius. Bonita was imported to USA with a repeat breeding of Tito. The "B" litter here was excellent puppies. We currently own a offspring from that litter named Busa vom hause Harless. Bonita was then bred to famous Lenz von den Hasserghohen and produced the "D" litter. From that breeding came Deuel vom hause Harless, another amazing puppy from Bonita. Rottweiler kennel, vom Wilden Westen is world known and has an excellent reputation in the Rottweiler world. The owner of the vom Wilden Westen kennel is also the Vice President of the ADRK. onita is an amazing Rottweiler female, and is known to produce in her offspring huge heads, excellent bone, dark eyes, black mouth, and exceptional temperaments. As Rottweiler breeders, I believe you would be happy with a Rottweiler puppy from this bloodline. Check out our Rottweiler puppies for sale.