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Rottweiler Breeders in Tennessee

Akura von den Grundwiesen Progeny


Male Rottweiler puppies and Female Rottweiler Puppies

Zamp vom Bonzi Star X Akura von den Grundwiesen

Akura " I " Litter

Only 1 puppy in this litter was a Rottweiler male

4 weeks                                                                                    2 weeks

Akura X Zamp Rotweiler puppy

Hannibal vom Dunvanhof X Akura von den Grundwiesen

Akura " J " Litter

12 days old

28 days old

Rottweiler puppy female
Rottweiler puppy male

Rottweiler puppy male
Rottweiler puppy male
Rottweiler puppy male

Rottweiler puppy male
Rottweiler puppy male

Youtube video of Akura x Hannibal Rottweiler puppies playing and fighting over a fish toy

Hannibal was imported from the famous Polish Rottweiler kennel vom Dunvanhof. Hannibal sire is JCH, VDH CH. Pascha vom Rangau, a exceptional large Rottweiler was known to produce beautiful Rottweiler puppies with large bone, head, and strong working temperaments. Harald Wessels from the vom Dunvanhof kennel owned Ayka vom Dunvanhof, another great female Rottweiler that produces correct Rottweilers. We want to thank Kenny Austin from Austin Acres Rottweilers for allowing us to stud to such a great dog with a exceptional temperament.

Another famous dog in this bloodline is Rex von der Bleichstrasse. Pascha vom Rangau is a Rex son. Rex is known to produce large block heads and extreme bone size.