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Rottweiler Breeders in Tennessee

Ramada von Tannenfeld - Rottweiler Female


Ramada is a large Rottweiler female puppy at 3 months old. Heavy bone and substance makes this puppy look great. Ramada is a combination between male Rottweiler stud Lex von haus Edelstein and female Rottweiler Ines Ar Pedim Line.

female rottweiler puppy in north carolina

( Lex von haus Edelstein X Ines Ar Pedim Line )

Owner R. Michihara

DOB 12.20.2016
KSS JR  76029 Rw  / WS58010901


HD/ ED PRE CHECK Excellent / normal
CARDIAC 12 months
PATELLA 12 months
THYROID 12 months
CERF 12 months
DENTITION 12 month

Another great breeding took place here in the USA from two top Champions and two outstanding bloodlines. The pairing between the two pedigrees came together and created some huge heads with outrageous top skulls and thick bone size. Sire Champion Lex vom hause Edelstein and dam Ines Ar Predim Line.